Anycast CDN update

One of my projects lately has been building an anycast CDN for authoritative DNS and HTTP caching. Back in August I wrote about the first deployment of the project (, but it's been a few months and I've made some big changes so I figured it's time for an update.

The first major change is a complete rewrite of the controller codebase. It's now a distributed model that uses beanstalkd for operation queuing. This means change operations are non blocking and the new API can return more or less instantaneously.

The new DNS control architecture

The second big change is that I've partnered with to expand the CDN infrastructure and offer hosting services to open source projects. Fosshost has a really cool thing going on, so if you're involved in the open source community I'd highly reccomend giving a look.

FastNetMon has also generously donated FNM Advanced licenses for the CDN, which I'm using in all the network's core routers for DoS/DDoS analysis.

DoS/DDoS analysis and protection pipeline

Thanks to and other sponsors, the CDN is now operating with 22 servers in 19 cities with at least one in all 6 inhabited continents (if anyone knows of a datacenter in Antartica, let me know!). The DNS servers are responding to just over half a million successful queries per day.

The current map of CDN PoPs

I'm always looking for new CDN PoPs, which can be run on as little as a VM with 2 cores, 2GB RAM, and 20GB disk. If you're looking to help out the open source community and would like to donate a VM or other resources, feel free to reach out! (Click the email button at the the bottom of

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